Meet Birdie and Bodie

These two sisters were born at our local animal control before coming to our rescue. Their mom Polly we believe is a 3–4-year-old Pit/American bully mix as far as dad we aren’t too sure. Birdie is slightly smaller and a little darker than her sister, she is also a little calmer. Bodie is larger and has a lighter coloring. She is a little more adventurous and is usually the 1st to get into their toy basket to play! They were born 2-6-22 and will be ready for adoption once they are 8 weeks old (April 4th, 2022). If you are interested people fill out an application or call 309-715-7109 to schedule a meeting with them.

Mom-Polly is one of our newest dogs and will be available for adoption in another week or two; she was a stray from the county who came in with another dog Penny who has been adopted. Polly is believed to be a 3-4 years old american bully/pit mix. She is in the process of weening her puppies which were born on 2/6/22 and then she will be spayed. Polly is a very friendly dog who does well with most other dogs. From our foster- Polly was great with my cats. She definitely liked to chase & play but NEVER EVER hurt them. She was very curious & gentle once they were nose to nose. She would be best in a home with older children, Polly is still working on her manners and tends to jump when excited. If you are interested in meeting Polly please call or email us!