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Memorials & Tributes

Memorial gifts are a special way to honor the life of a departed friend or family member who cherished animals while helping pets in need.

We are excited to announce our Memorial Garden that we will be working on this fall. Bricks sold will be engraved and placed around the border of our garden these can be to honor loved ones, pets or yourself. Each brick will have the option of “In Honor of” or “In Memory of” or blank for line 1, line 2 name, line 3 dates. Our paw print stones we will be selling for our garden or for you to keep for yourself. These will have 2 lines, one for your pets’ name and then date.

Memorial Garden brick order form

Tribute gifts celebrate a special friend or relative by providing shelter and assistance to pets in our care.

We are grateful to each and every person who has contributed gifts to WIAR. If you would like to honor a loved one, make the designation known in your gift or online donation.

2018 Memorials

  • Cheryl Bragd
  • Geneva Halladay
  • Robert Halladay
  • Lynn McGill
  • Elizabeth Schrader
  • Patricia Parr
  • Brian Davies
  • Robert Carner
  • Beverly Cox
  • Steve Bruns
  • Marilyn Fowler
  • Sandra Decker
  • Bonnie Carlson
  • Kenneth Anderson


  • Janis Wunderlich

2019 Memorials

  • Janet Hull
  • Patricia Kenney
  • Ray Etter
  • Charles Kinzer
  • Stan Fowler
  • Gary Higbee
  • Emma Jean Carner
  • Everitt Hardin
  • Helen White
  • Ted Cooper
  • Terry Hale
  • Norma Johnson
  • Rolland Brentise
  • Gretchen Decker

2020 Memorials

  • Dan Porter
  • Darlene Barman
  • Sarah Briggs
  • Margaret Lawrence
  • Leland Hank, Sr
  • Sue Parish 
  • Janet Nicholas
  • Lanore Lane
  • Marilee Moore
  • Mary Baker
  • Bob Perrin
  • Sandra Decker
  • Katie Haptonstall
  • Loretta Sanders
  • Charlotte Foster
  • Tom Larkin
  • Ray Bruyn

2021 Memorials

  • Ruth Padgett
  • Gary Collins
  • Elizabeth White
  • Holly Reynolds
  • Fumiko Adam
  • Beverly Coulter
  • Mary Miller
  • Jasie McGinnis
  • Gary Higbee
  • Debra Scott
  • Jason Stekliz
  • Janet Manbeer
  • Bob Munson
  • Jay Blaine
  • Roger Burgland
  • Jon Dauma
  • Dianna Pettit
  • Robert Prater, Jr
  • Marilyn Talbott
  • John Campbell
  • Gary Trotter
  • John Walters
  • Byron “Bud” Wakefield
  • Fern Lox
  • Roy Faudree
  • Amber Mitchell
Memorial Garden August 2020