Cinnamon is oh so sweet yet very shy. She is a 6.5-year-old mini golden doodle that was rescued from a breeder situation. She is one of 7 mini doodles that came to the rescue and her and Charlotte are the last two left. These girls don’t have a mean bone in their little bodies and will be your forever shadow if you let one or both of them into your hearts. They are very social with all dogs, and they love people however they haven’t had much human socialization before our rescue too them in. They will take time and patience to bond and fully trust you. They are housebroken for the most part however they will have some accidents inside as they learn, they also need time to figure out stairs those have seemed to be a challenge for most of them, they have been spayed, had dentals, microchipped and are up to date on vaccines.

Due to the fact that these dogs have not been socialized we have made the decision that adopters MUST have a fenced in yard to keep the animals safe.