Sky is our little Diva, She may take some time to warm up and trust people. She is a sweet, smart and sassy girl. She loves to run and play outside with her buddy Figaro. Car rides are fun for her, especially if she can ride shotgun!

Sky Louise absolutely loves to go on car rides! As shown, she prefers the co-pilot position😜
We all adore her and hope she can go on a freedom car ride to her new home soon!🐾💗🐾

***More about Sky from one of our regular volunteers!
Sky is a very special girl. She is very rude until she learns to trust you and that doesn’t happen overnight (trust me). She has “her” people. A potential adopter would have to commit to visiting her many times to gain her trust before we would consider adopting her to them. Sadly, most people are not willing to put that much time into adopting a dog. In her case it would be worth it though. You can see the joy in her demeanor when one of “her people” come to visit!